Why You Should Pay Attention to Pennzoil PurePlus Technology

Justin Christensen |

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Shell researchers have been hard at work in their laboratories for 40 years developing a product of the future – and now it’s here.

It’s Pennzoil PurePlus- a synthetic motor oil created from natural gas.

It’s already so popular the Shell plant in Qatar where it’s manufactured is the world’s largest of its kind and can produce approximately 1 million tons per year. 

Science At Work
Pennzoil PurePlus Technology is created through a revolutionary, four-part process:

  1. Gasification – Methane is combined with pure oxygen and reacts to produce synthesis gas.
  2. Synthesis – The synthesis gas is then fed through a reactor and converted to a liquid called syncrude.
  3. Hydrocracking – From there, syncrude is fed into a hydrocracker unit that uses hydrogen and a catalyst to break down molecules and form new ones.
  1. Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) Products – The new molecules are then refined into GTL products including PurePlusä base oils.

One of Shell’s research engineers describes the effect of the technology using the analogy of a muddy river and clear water vapor. If you filter the muddy water by itself, it will still have impurities. However, if you filter it using steam, the resulting water will be much more pure. Similarly, base oil that is produced from crude oil by itself will be less pure than base oil that is produced using natural gas.

High-performance additives are then added to the clear base oil, which gives it a gold appearance, and creates a complete all-in-one protection package. 

The Benefits

With superior properties and a formulation that is 99.5% pure, Pennzoil PurePlusäproducts are like full body armor for your engine. Here’s why you don’t want to drive away without it:

— Cleaner Pistons – It keeps pistons up to 40% cleaner than all other leading synthetic oils.

— Improved Fuel Economy – Its active cleansing technology reduces consumption and saves at the pump. With a cleaner and more efficient engine, your gas mileage could drive you an average of 550 miles further per year than compared to a dirty engine.

— Protects Horsepower – It removes build up and has better flow, which sustains optimum engine performance and makes startup easier, especially in colder weather.

— Unsurpassed Wear Protection – It offers best protection from friction than all other leading motor oils.

— Excellent Performance in Extreme Temperatures – It maintains easy flow at both high and low temperatures. 

Investing in the Industry 

This latest development is great news for the auto industry as well. Engines are becoming more advanced in their technology and the products used with them should, too. Lubricant that is compatible with these complex systems means extending your vehicle’s life and saving you money.

Products such as Pennzoil Platinumâ Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlusä and Pennzoil Ultraâ Platinum with PurePlusä can be used in every environment. Their superior formulations are suitable for all types of vehicles from personal cars to heavy- duty trucks to racecars.

Where can you pick some up? Your best source is your fuel and lubricant distributor. They carry a wide range of superior grade products and with lubricant engineers who are certified experts; you will be well on your way to a future that’s already here.