Shell Lubricants: Ecobox™ Innovation for Cleaner, More Efficient Mobility

Tony Christensen |

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Does your distributor help you stay ahead by delivering new technologies to make your business more efficient and environmentally friendly?

New engine requirements for oil are becoming much more precise to maximize fuel economy and minimize environmental impact. In many cases, car manufacturers recommend specific viscosity oil grades for optimal vehicle performance and engine lifespan.

While this is great news for consumers who want better value for their automotive investment, the abundance of specialty products poses a new problem for owners and operators of oil-change facilities: how to stock and store so many tanks of new products? Until recently, most facilities typically stocked only a few oil grades in large 55-gallon steel drums/tanks or large plastic pails.

Distributors now offer an innovative alternative to traditional plastic packaging for motor oil: Shell Lubricants Ecobox™.  The Ecobox™ is designed to help owners and operators of oil-change facilities more efficiently store, manage and transfer oil to their customers’ vehicles.

The environmentally-friendly cardboard box with a plastic lining is designed to help improve speed and ease of use compared to bottles.  It drains quickly, leaves minimal residual oil behind and requires less handling than quart bottles.

Shell outlines the Ecobox™ convenience and environmental benefits for owners and operators of oil-change facilities:

  • The Ecobox™ pump system provides motor oil delivery that helps improve many operational tasks associated with dispensing oil using individual quarts. Oil is easily dispensed from the specially engineered box and valve, and then transferred to the engine crankcase by a custom-designed pump system.
  • The carton reduces the need for large storage spaces in shops, as it is about one-half the size of the equivalent volume of single-quart cases.
  • Easy-to-read carton labeling and the specially-designed storage rack help technicians select and install the correct oil, while delivery of oil to the vehicle is simplified through no-drip digital metered delivery nozzles.
  • Using the plastic liner results in 89% less plastic landfill waste than the equivalent 24 quart plastic bottles, and the Ecobox™ carton is fully recyclable.

As the number of viscosity grades that locations are required to keep on hand continues to increase, the Ecobox™ system can allow installers to offer a wider range of specialty oils to meet customers’ needs by making it easy to stock and install a number of different motor oils without the need for bulk storage.