How Does My Fuel Distributor Know What’s Best for My Business?

Tina Hampton |

Download PDF Your fuel distributor can help with many aspects of your business.

In the world of commercial operations, success depends upon a number of things.  It can be as straightforward as managing time and money or more precautionary like having safety programs and insurance in place.

A good fuel distributor can also contribute to success.  As suppliers and fleet owners – who better to help know what’s best for your business?  With professionally trained and educated personnel, you will have access to a range of services like equipment audits, storage systems design, oil analysis programs, fixed pricing contract, and inventory management.

Let’s take a closer look at the fixed pricing contract.  Does knowing your fuel costs and potentially saving money sound reassuring?  It all starts with a fuel distributor who will take the time to meet with you and assess your individual operations. 

 Four Things They Want to Know About You:

        1.   Usage – how many gallons of fuel do you use?
        2.   Seasonality – what are your regular or predictable patterns of business activity?
        3.   Goals/Objectives – are you committed to a budget or do you want to beat the market?
        4.   Risk level – what is most comfortable for you?

All of these factors are important when considering fuel price protection.  With the insurance of a locked-in pricing contract, you may not always see savings if the going rate is less.  However, if you’re at the mercy of the market and your budget is blown, it could affect credit lines at the bank, operations and profitability – all of which equate to greater losses.

A fuel distributor who is right for you will do more than just promote product.  They are focused on the long-term with their customers and will embrace change and growth in the process.

Four Things You Can Expect from Them:

        1.   Evaluation of your business needs.
        2.   Education on market conditions, pricing, and forecasting.
        3.   Advise as to when you should buy and the risks involved.
        4.   Recommendations on which purchasing approach will give you the most advantage.

Knowing what’s best for your business is like knowing what’s best for your family. It requires time, commitment and paying attention to the small details. You learn from the past, apply that with new knowledge in the present, and take steps to prepare for a better future.

A dependable fuel distributor will treat your business like family. Their team of knowledgeable experts has a reputable history in the industry, and they will work with you and for you every step of the way.  With over 30,000 fueling locations, choosing what’s best for your business through a valuable partnership is just around the corner.