Change Oil? Change Your Business Strategy: 3 Ways to Win

Tony Christensen |

Download PDF You wouldn't let your oil go without changing, so why your business strategy?

If oil changes and automotive service are the core of your business, you already know that these areas are becoming increasingly commoditized. So how can your business stand out from the ever-growing competition and create unique value for your customers?

Fortunately, there’s a cost-effective way to add value to your business. In a market where more oil and lubricant products are available than ever before, it’s vital to cultivate your team’s reputation as knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable service providers.

Your team members' ability to inform and engage customers is a critical asset to your success.

Most consumers take the expense of regular oil changes for granted; it's one of the responsibilities of owning a vehicle. However, oil and lube products are becoming more specialized – and more complicated to understand. For example, some products are specifically engineered for older cars. New synthetic lubricants have enhanced fuel economy and extended engine lifespans. While these are sometimes more expensive, they are designed to sustain vehicle performance longer between oil changes.

These innovations are truly remarkable, yet most consumers are unaware of the benefits. And while your team members may have the information at their fingertips, it's a challenge to communicate the value of this expertise to customers. 

One of the best ways to jump-start your team's success is to leverage the expertise of a distributor who is also an oil and lubricant expert. A smart distributor should have an installer expert who can work closely with your team to accomplish the following:

 1. Train your personnel on educating customers about the right oil choices. Your team members can engage and inform customers about making the best choices for the performance and lifespan of their vehicle. When it's done effectively, training your team to deliver expertise-oriented service builds customer trust and loyalty and it leads to increased high-margin oil-change sales for your business. 

2. Profit from national brand promotions. Leverage your distributor’s existing contracts and relationships with major oil and lubricant brands and business development funds for custom-designed promotions. This can include specialized buy-3-get-1-free pricing promotions, Nascar contests, product giveaways, or region-specific promotions based on your business plan.

3. Build your business reputation. Demonstrating your insight and expertise will build your business more effectively than bragging about your bargain-basement pricing. While price drops have a limit, your team's ability to grow their knowledge, skills and great reputation is limitless. Your distributor's installer expert will also keep your team trained on the latest oil and lubricant technologies and industry innovation, keeping you on the cutting edge of your industry.