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How do you know you're getting the best value from your distributor? Do they share their supply expertise, experience, and connections to deliver the best brands and products at the best prices? A smart distributor will keep you informed about market prices and fluctuations. They will also present a product line and advise on improvements in products. For example, should you be purchasing synthetic products or continue to sell more traditional brands? Should you purchase fuel for bulk storage in order to protect yourself from market changes? As petroleum development technology continues to evolve, your distributor can help you stay current with professional product training and consulting services.

How Boston Crude Oil Is Affecting 2014 Fuel Prices

Tina Hampton |

Boston Crude Oil could potentially be a factor in the increase in your gas pricing.

Technology changes everything. Stronger, better, smaller and faster seems to be its perpetual mandate. It has opened up worlds never before imagined and allowed advancement in ways once deemed impossible.  No matter what industry you’re in, it will affect you.So, what does technology have to do with Boston Crude Oil?Well, for starters, it’s the reason for the latest US oil boom. For the last seven weeks, the price of oil has continually dropped due to…

Improper Fuel Storage

Justin Christensen |

Meeting Fuel Storage requirements is essential.

Working with fuel is very unpredictable. Market conditions, price changes, whether to buy in bulk, and safe handling are just some of the things to be aware of. But what happens when it’s sitting quietly by itself in the dark?Due to its nature, fuel that is improperly stored and left sitting for extended periods of time can cause a number of problems:ContaminationFungus is naturally occurring in soil.  Because its seeds are easily spread by air,…

Is Saving 1 Cent per Gallon Costing You Thousands of Dollars?

Tony Christensen |


Buying fuel at the cheapest price every day sounds like good business sense, right? Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t always profitable. In fact, some fuel retailers who “shop around” can lose sales during peak times of the year. Here’s why.Just like you, distributors are stretched for resources during demanding times of the year, especially in the summer. Distributor volume can rise by as much as 30% during this time. They can’t afford to have trucks waiting around…

Five Benefits of Fleet & Mobile Fueling

Tony Christensen |

Save time and money with fleet and mobile fueling

If you run a construction company, what is the best strategy for keeping equipment fueled and oiled?Traditionally, many operations purchase fuel tank and lubricant supplies to keep on site and rely on their staff to refuel and service equipment as needed. But is this really the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective strategy? 

Fuel Brands are Not Created Equal

Tina Hampton |

Different fuel brands can mean different effects on your vehicle.

Aren’t all fuel brands basically the same?It’s one of the most commonly-asked questions. This question is almost always followed with “If the fuel is the same, why aren’t fuel prices the same?”These questions reveal two of the most commonly-held myths about fuel.  When you look beyond the fluctuations of supply and demand, the main reason that fuel prices differ is that different fuel brands contain different additives.Most well-recognized brands of fuel contain additives designed to…