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How do you know you're getting the best value from your distributor? Do they share their supply expertise, experience, and connections to deliver the best brands and products at the best prices? A smart distributor will keep you informed about market prices and fluctuations. They will also present a product line and advise on improvements in products. For example, should you be purchasing synthetic products or continue to sell more traditional brands? Should you purchase fuel for bulk storage in order to protect yourself from market changes? As petroleum development technology continues to evolve, your distributor can help you stay current with professional product training and consulting services.

Tips for Selecting the Proper Lubrication (Grease) for Your Equipment

Justin Christensen |


If you’ve ever needed an instruction manual for the instruction manual, you’re not alone. Too much information or not enough, the language used or distorted pictures. It can leave you with leftover parts, a product that doesn’t get used or worse, is used incorrectly. Selecting the proper lubrication grease for your equipment is critical and the process can be equally as challenging.  Here are some tips and information to help get you on the right…

How To Prevent Your Propane Tank From Freezing

Justin Christensen |


If you’re one of the millions of Americans using propane at home, on the farm or in your work environment, you probably already know some of the reasons that make it such a valuable fuel. It’s safe with a very low ignition point, cannot be ingested, its non-toxic, environmentally friendly, clean burning, less costly and very versatile in its applications.You’ve finally managed to stock up on your supply and the winter season seems to be…

What is Lubrication?

Justin Christensen |

Keeping machines lubricated is necessary for machines to run properly.

Resist though you may, friction makes the world go round. Without it, simple activities such as walking, writing on a piece of paper and setting a vehicle in motion would be impossible. On the flip side, there are times when its presence needs to be minimized, like in an engine or a machine.That’s where lubrication slides in. Lubrication is an applied oil-based substance that reduces the resistance of friction, making motion easier or more fluid….

All About Dyed Diesel

Justin Christensen |

Dyed Diesel can help determine what it should be used for.

Marine equipment in Greece uses black. In Finland, construction and agriculture machinery runs on furfural and solvent yellow 124. Worldwide, the aviation industry can fill up with purple, blue or green. The difference is in the dye, and in this country, it will leave you seeing red. Dyed diesel is fuel that has been colored to indicate a quality or condition pertaining to the fuel. In the field of aviation, refiners use colors to identify the…

Propane Tanks: Should you Rent or Buy?

Justin Christensen |

To rent or to buy your propane tanks can all depend on how you'll use them.

Whether you’re running a commercial business, a farm, or a family household, there are daily decisions to be made.  Some are based on things such as equipment, operations and safety and others may be more focused on aspects such as budget or long-term planning.Then there are decisions that may be a combination of more than one.  Take propane tanks for example. Size, quantity, regulation requirements, cost and purpose all must be determined.  After that, you…

Synthetic Lubricants vs Conventional Oil

Justin Christensen |

Man-made and natural both have their benefits but whats right for one may not be for another.

Man-made or natural? For the majority of us, the instinctive choice would be the latter. From food and clothing to products and materials, terms such as “organic”, “genuine”, and “green” have become our quality indicators. We are taught that ‘natural’ is better.But is it always?A prime example is synthetic lubricants. Unlike traditional mineral oil, which originates from plants and animals that have been underground for millions of years, the synthetic version is created in a…

Food Grade Lubricant Approval & Compliance

Justin Christensen |

Dealing with lubricants that will be around food is not taken lightly.

When it comes to protecting the health of the masses, the food and beverage processing industry is probably one of the most carefully controlled in terms of regulations and standards. From facility and equipment to process and product, everything must be met with a stamp of approval.

What are Food Grade Lubricants?

Justin Christensen |

Be careful what lubricants you're using around food.

Using the right product or tool is important when doing any job.  It can make the difference of the task being completed properly, safely and on schedule. In fact, this approach is so essential in some industries that regulations and standards have been established to ensure safety and success.

Find Space For A Fleet Card

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Save time and money by providing your fleet with fleet cards.

What’s in your wallet? If it’s anything like most others, there is probably more plastic than paper or coin. From identification and access to payment and points, plastic cards inundate our lives. They can create administrative chaos and the last thing you need is another one.Or is it?

Fixed Price Strategy Gone for 2014?

Tina Hampton |

Does a fixed price strategy still make sense for your business?

A new year is underway and the calendar isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Everywhere you look, companies and advertisers are promoting fresh starts, new trends, and latest developments. Even the government strives to reach new goals.There are changes in the fuel industry too. For instance, fuel distributors may not be promoting fixed price contracts for 2014. It’s a significant shift from what’s been recommended in the last while. So, what’s happening?