Fuel Delivery

Aligning fuel usage with a smart delivery plan is vital to your business. Whether you own a fuel retail outlet or a construction, agricultural, or industrial operation, how and when you purchase fuel impacts your bottom line. Information about your fuel usage, storage capacity, and business risk tolerance is critical to developing a strategy that's right for you. A distributor with the right expertise can help you implement a fuel delivery plan that meets your unique usage and budget requirements. Locking in delivery quantities at fixed prices is just one strategy a fuel distributor will offer to keep your patronage. Make sure your distributor keeps you up to date with the latest in strategies like bulk fuel storage and fixed pricing.

Best Practices to Hire The Best Truck Drivers

Justin Christensen |


Running a successful business is one thing. Finding competent and committed employees to promote that endeavour is another. The American Trucking Association reported that the average truck driver turnover in 2013 was 96 per cent for larger fleets and 82 per cent for smaller fleets. With reasons beyond an employer’s control—declining talent pool, economic growth increasing industry demand and competition from other sectors—how do you find and recruit the best truck drivers? Consider these industry…

Shifting Gears – Higher Wages for Truckers Just the Start

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When the Department of Transportation (DOT) reduced a trucker’s workweek to 70 hours from 82 in July of 2013, the new regulation was not so well received. A loss of productivity and ensuing wages posed further strain on an industry already burdened by rising growth, labor shortage and low pay rates. However, just 14 months later, it seems that move has lifted the load. According to experts, a recent wage hike for truckers in one…

Rail Transport Facing New Regulations – What Does This Mean for Highway Fuel Transport?

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The North American oil boom is in high gear, but the government is putting on the brakes when it comes to some delivery standards of the global commodity by rail. Advocated by the Association of American Railroads and implemented by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the new regulations include: Classification and Characterization Program: Testing methods must be in place to more accurately classify, characterize and analyze mined liquids and gases. This will include frequent…

The Lonesome Road: Why There’s a Driver Shortage

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Every year, the American Transportation Research Institute publishes a top-ten list of concerns executives face in the trucking industry. Currently, driver shortage ranks third, while driver retention ranks seventh. As fleet owners, focusing your energies in the right direction saves both time and money. Since these two issues go hand-in-hand, it stands to reason that understanding the causes behind one could help provide solutions to the other. Causes of Driver Shortage Aging Workforce – The…

More Than Just Supply & Demand – What Causes Fuel Shortages?

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When it comes to fuel shortages, one of the reasons you’ll hear in just about every news report or conversation is “supply and demand.” There will be a main cause—such as weather or political unrest in foreign nations—but there is much more to it than that. Here are some examples of the reasons behind the reason: Hurricane Sandy This extreme storm caused more than 200 deaths and $65 billion in damage, ranking it second only…

Is There a Propane Shortage?

Justin Christensen |

Propane is becoming scarce with 45% of the national supply gone.

How quickly things change.  ICF International released its “2013 Propane Market Outlook” and conditions for the industry were looking pretty decent. New applications were going to create more opportunities; prices were dropping comparably to diesel and gasoline; and most notably, a jump in supply transitioned the US to become a net exporter.Now, just six weeks into 2014, the picture has frosted over.  Many states are experiencing a propane shortage, 45 per cent of the national…

Meteorological Trends

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Meteorological Trends can cause negative side effects on the fuel industry.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Wit goes a long way with the weather in this part of the world. It affects everything from daily routines to people’s moods, and in more extreme cases, our natural resources and the economy.

How Boston Crude Oil Is Affecting 2014 Fuel Prices

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Boston Crude Oil could potentially be a factor in the increase in your gas pricing.

Technology changes everything. Stronger, better, smaller and faster seems to be its perpetual mandate. It has opened up worlds never before imagined and allowed advancement in ways once deemed impossible.  No matter what industry you’re in, it will affect you.So, what does technology have to do with Boston Crude Oil?Well, for starters, it’s the reason for the latest US oil boom. For the last seven weeks, the price of oil has continually dropped due to…

Why Are Fuel Prices So Unstable?

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Changes in the fuel industry can cause unpredictable fuel prices.

The price of gas will always be open for discussion and to opinion.  In reality, the answer to the question of why fuel prices are so unstable has several layers that can be quite involved.As a starting point, we know that the price of fuel is:Determined by the price of crude oil, which is used to make gasoline; andDependent upon supply and demand.From there, a number of other conditions can cause the market to be…