Added Value

Great distributors support their partners by extending every competitive advantage to clients. This means that customers have access to an unrivalled statewide distribution network and optimal fuel pricing. Your distributor should offer a collaborative, information-driven relationship that allows you to create strategies that improve your business growth and efficiency. They should provide help for you to identify your unique profit opportunities from new and existing revenue sources. A fuel distributor committed to your business interests will provide an ongoing and up to date sharing of the latest trends in fuel delivery, storage and marketing ideas.

How A Fixed Price Strategy Works For You

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Manage your fuel costs with a Fixed Price Strategy.

The idea of a fixed price strategy is to minimize the uncertainty of final prices or costs that are impacted by conditions such as fluctuating markets, time frames or changes to a planned project.As a retail fuel supplier, signing onto a fixed price contract is like buying insurance for your business.  It gives you peace of mind because you know what your costs will be and that you will be protected when prices increase. 

Shell Lubricants: Ecobox™ Innovation for Cleaner, More Efficient Mobility

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Make your business more efficient with Ecobox™

Does your distributor help you stay ahead by delivering new technologies to make your business more efficient and environmentally friendly?New engine requirements for oil are becoming much more precise to maximize fuel economy and minimize environmental impact. In many cases, car manufacturers recommend specific viscosity oil grades for optimal vehicle performance and engine lifespan.While this is great news for consumers who want better value for their automotive investment, the abundance of specialty products poses a…

Back to Basics: Top 3 Strategies for Retail Success

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As profit margins on the sale of gasoline continue to shrink, fuel retailers need to identify other opportunities to exploit new and existing revenue sources. Given the extremely competitive retail environment (which will become even more so if fuel demand declines as expected), smart business owners are inventing new ways to gain an edge over their competitors by focussing on increasing profits in their non-fuel categories like food, beverages, and other popular merchandise.An unwavering commitment…

It Pay$ to Partner with Your Distributor

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Your distributor can do more for you than you think.

As a fuel retailer, how do you ensure you’re getting the best value from your distributor? You’re already paying for their distribution service; are they offering you their industry or insider expertise?You probably focus most on the day-to-day costs and business operations. It makes sense – focussing on the bottom line is critical. But what if there was a way to make your day-to-day operations more efficient?Have you changed your supplier frequently or been frustrated…