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Great distributors support their partners by extending every competitive advantage to clients. This means that customers have access to an unrivalled statewide distribution network and optimal fuel pricing. Your distributor should offer a collaborative, information-driven relationship that allows you to create strategies that improve your business growth and efficiency. They should provide help for you to identify your unique profit opportunities from new and existing revenue sources. A fuel distributor committed to your business interests will provide an ongoing and up to date sharing of the latest trends in fuel delivery, storage and marketing ideas.

How Scientists Are Turning Algae Into Biofuel

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It’s really quite astonishing how one of the tiniest, slimiest microorganisms can be transformed into some pretty great things. Available in a range of colors and thousands of varieties, algae – plural of alga – is used in the production of food, plastics, animal and chemical feed, fertilizers, cosmetics, hydrogen, concrete and purifiers just to get started.

Will You Be Ready When Disaster Strikes?

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Imagine what state people, businesses and our environment would be in if emergency response teams and disaster relief organizations arrived on scenes not knowing what to do next. The thought is almost incomprehensible. It is also immediately apparent how having no plan or an inadequate plan very quickly elevates a situation from bad to worse.

Can You Afford to Lose $37.5K a Day? Then Go Ahead and Ignore This Rule

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Spring has finally arrived and your busiest time of year is just around the corner. Perhaps you’re in the midst of breeding, getting ready for new arrivals or cultivating the fields to plant crops. With a multitude of responsibilities, you probably have a well-balanced system of preparations and processes in place to ensure everything gets done and is well looked after.It probably also means you have insurance. Have you remembered to include an SPCC Plan…

What Is An Oil Analysis?

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When it comes to our physical health, there are plenty of exterior signs that let us know the kind of condition we’re in – weight, muscle tone and energy level are just a few examples. However, sometimes we need to dig deeper, so it’s off to the doctor for a checkup or an exam and perhaps some tests.

How To Increase Fleet Truck Safety

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Your drivers are an integral part of the fuel industry that need to be kept safe.

It only takes a moment for everything to be different. Every 5 seconds, a motor vehicle crash occurs. Every second one of those includes an injury and every 12 minutes, someone dies in one. Commercial motor vehicles crashes in the United States cost an estimated $87 billion in 2012.With a fleet of trucks and employees on the road daily, the load of responsibility is significant. However, implementing safety with a proactive approach can reduce the…

What Are The Challenges Facing Fleet Owners?

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Fleet owners face many challenges with drivers, equipment and more.

As of January 2013, the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics report indicates that the number of fleet cars and trucks in operation across the nation was 11.74 million. The trucking industry alone hauls 9.4 billion tons of freight per year with over 6 million people on the job.

Regulations And Spill Prevention

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Help keep our planet clean by following proper spill prevention regulations.

Every year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents, on average, 18,000 to 24,000 incidents that have resulted in 10 to 25 million gallons of spilled oil. These astounding statistics do not include the thousands that go unreported, and the toll on humans and the environment is almost immeasurable.

How A Fuel Distributor Can Help With Pricing

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Your fuel distributor can help you with competitive pricing.

In the fuel market industry, price fluctuations are a reality.  They cannot be outright controlled, however, steps can be taken to help minimize the impact they have on your bottom line.Your fuel distributor’s supply and risk marketing manager will analyze local and global market conditions in order to forecast pricing and determine good prices to buy and sell. When that valuable information is passed along to you, the customer, there are three things that can…