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Great distributors support their partners by extending every competitive advantage to clients. This means that customers have access to an unrivalled statewide distribution network and optimal fuel pricing. Your distributor should offer a collaborative, information-driven relationship that allows you to create strategies that improve your business growth and efficiency. They should provide help for you to identify your unique profit opportunities from new and existing revenue sources. A fuel distributor committed to your business interests will provide an ongoing and up to date sharing of the latest trends in fuel delivery, storage and marketing ideas.

R.E. Powell Launches Buying Group for Wholesale Fuel Sites

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Convenience Store Alliance to administer programOriginal article published in CSP Daily NewsGRANDVIEW, Wash. — Pacific Northwest fuel distributor R.E. Powell has announced a new buying group administered by Convenience Store Alliance (CSA), bringing the buying power of CSA’s 1,130 stores to its network of customers throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Powell-Christensen Acquires Don Thomas Petroleum

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Grandview, WA: Powell Christensen, Inc., one of the largest privately owned companies in the state of Washington has acquired Don Thomas Petroleum in Portland, Oregon. According to Powell Christensen’s President, Tony Christensen “Powell Christensen was looking for the right opportunity to expand our market share and distribution capability for commercial fuels and lubricants in Western Oregon. With the acquisition of Don Thomas Petroleum, we are adding a strong team that has the experience and expertise…

3 Ways Retailers Can Survive In A Volatile Economy

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It was 1913 when this country’s first drive-up service station opened its doors in Pittsburgh, Pa. Gas cost 27 cents per gallon and road maps were free. Business was simple, but even then business owners had insurance. Today, the concept of convenience remains and retailers still take out insurance, but what about the things that aren’t covered? Things that can put a spin on your business in a heartbeat; such as a drop in fuel…

Grade A Training – How To Get The Most Out of Your Drivers

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Whatever your industry, the ideal employee does not come ready made. Even with years of formal education, most jobs will require some level of introductory training, internship or apprenticeship. All that, of course, needs to be supplemented by ongoing doses of invaluable experience. Truck drivers are no exception. They may arrive with the required licensing, but it’s fleet owners who will be key in helping them maximize their potential on the job. How is that…

Cellulosic Ethanol: Is It The Fuel of The Future?

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In the midst of harvest season, many are sitting down to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Nothing beats the richness of home grown flavors – who can resist a sweet cob of corn slathered in butter? Surprisingly, those who are more interested in the stalks, leaves and husks. Yes, corn waste, otherwise known as stover, is a main basis of the latest alternative fuel to hit the market – Cellulosic Ethanol. How Cellulosic Ethanol…

It’s Hurricane Season, But Don’t Worry – Your Fuel Distributor is Prepared

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One third of the way into hurricane season, there is still plenty of time for active weather. Even with milder predictions, storms can take unexpected turns and leave a trail of disaster behind them. Based on many years of experience, the oil and gas industry takes a number of measures to prepare for the worst. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is key in these operations with two main functions: Provide valuable information on environmental and…

The Importance of Bulk Fuel Filtration Systems

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Looking after your business takes many forms – maintaining staff relations, making sound investments, carrying adequate insurance and providing excellent customer service. When it comes to vehicles and equipment, it also means looking after your fuel. Bulk fuel filtration and conditioning systems are an essential part of maintaining a quality product. Designed to keep fuels, pristine and dry by removing water and solids, they come in a variety of models, power options and process flow…

How Many Different Types of Fuel Can You Name?

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A substance that generates heat on combustion, fuel has an endless list of applications. It can be classified in a variety of ways such as its physical state – solid, liquid or gas, or how it is derived – naturally occurring or processed. Ideally, a “good” or valuable fuel is one that exhibits a low ignition point and a high calorific rating.

The U.S. is Close to Oil Independence. Here’s Why That Matters

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The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has just released its latest report card, and the future looks bright for the oil business. The EIA reports that with improving technology and increasing productivity, the United States could become oil-independent by 2037.The EIA projects that U.S. production could reach 13 million barrels per day in the next 23 years, meaning we would no longer need to rely on foreign imports. In 2006, those imports reached an all-time high of…

Meet the Modern Mechanic

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The stereotypical image of a mechanic is a guy in a grease-stained coverall who gets down on the garage floor under your car. He’s a jack-of-all trades, not a specialist, and he got most of his education on the job. He probably doesn’t make a lot of money.Except that’s not the case. The nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), an independent organization that conducts nationally accredited testing and certification, reports significant changes in the…