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R.E. Powell Launches Buying Group for Wholesale Fuel Sites

Tony Christensen |


Convenience Store Alliance to administer programOriginal article published in CSP Daily NewsGRANDVIEW, Wash. — Pacific Northwest fuel distributor R.E. Powell has announced a new buying group administered by Convenience Store Alliance (CSA), bringing the buying power of CSA’s 1,130 stores to its network of customers throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Is Saving 1 Cent per Gallon Costing You Thousands of Dollars?

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Buying fuel at the cheapest price every day sounds like good business sense, right? Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t always profitable. In fact, some fuel retailers who “shop around” can lose sales during peak times of the year. Here’s why.Just like you, distributors are stretched for resources during demanding times of the year, especially in the summer. Distributor volume can rise by as much as 30% during this time. They can’t afford to have trucks waiting around…

Shell Lubricants: Ecobox™ Innovation for Cleaner, More Efficient Mobility

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Make your business more efficient with Ecobox™

Does your distributor help you stay ahead by delivering new technologies to make your business more efficient and environmentally friendly?New engine requirements for oil are becoming much more precise to maximize fuel economy and minimize environmental impact. In many cases, car manufacturers recommend specific viscosity oil grades for optimal vehicle performance and engine lifespan.While this is great news for consumers who want better value for their automotive investment, the abundance of specialty products poses a…

Five Benefits of Fleet & Mobile Fueling

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Save time and money with fleet and mobile fueling

If you run a construction company, what is the best strategy for keeping equipment fueled and oiled?Traditionally, many operations purchase fuel tank and lubricant supplies to keep on site and rely on their staff to refuel and service equipment as needed. But is this really the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective strategy?