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Meteorological Trends

Tina Hampton |

Meteorological Trends can cause negative side effects on the fuel industry.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Wit goes a long way with the weather in this part of the world. It affects everything from daily routines to people’s moods, and in more extreme cases, our natural resources and the economy.

Keeping An Eye On International Fuel Supply

Tina Hampton |

International Fuel Supply could make a world of difference for our fuel pricing.

The International Energy Agency is predicting that the United States will be the leading oil producer by 2015, largely in part due to hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”. With no signs that the surge in local supply will be slowing down any time soon, ideas of less reliance on imports and greater energy independence are also emerging.

Fixed Price Strategy Gone for 2014?

Tina Hampton |

Does a fixed price strategy still make sense for your business?

A new year is underway and the calendar isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Everywhere you look, companies and advertisers are promoting fresh starts, new trends, and latest developments. Even the government strives to reach new goals.There are changes in the fuel industry too. For instance, fuel distributors may not be promoting fixed price contracts for 2014. It’s a significant shift from what’s been recommended in the last while. So, what’s happening?

How Boston Crude Oil Is Affecting 2014 Fuel Prices

Tina Hampton |

Boston Crude Oil could potentially be a factor in the increase in your gas pricing.

Technology changes everything. Stronger, better, smaller and faster seems to be its perpetual mandate. It has opened up worlds never before imagined and allowed advancement in ways once deemed impossible.  No matter what industry you’re in, it will affect you.So, what does technology have to do with Boston Crude Oil?Well, for starters, it’s the reason for the latest US oil boom. For the last seven weeks, the price of oil has continually dropped due to…

Why Are Fuel Prices So Unstable?

Tina Hampton |

Changes in the fuel industry can cause unpredictable fuel prices.

The price of gas will always be open for discussion and to opinion.  In reality, the answer to the question of why fuel prices are so unstable has several layers that can be quite involved.As a starting point, we know that the price of fuel is:Determined by the price of crude oil, which is used to make gasoline; andDependent upon supply and demand.From there, a number of other conditions can cause the market to be…

How A Fuel Distributor Can Help With Pricing

Tina Hampton |

Your fuel distributor can help you with competitive pricing.

In the fuel market industry, price fluctuations are a reality.  They cannot be outright controlled, however, steps can be taken to help minimize the impact they have on your bottom line.Your fuel distributor’s supply and risk marketing manager will analyze local and global market conditions in order to forecast pricing and determine good prices to buy and sell. When that valuable information is passed along to you, the customer, there are three things that can…

How A Fixed Price Strategy Works For You

Tina Hampton |

Manage your fuel costs with a Fixed Price Strategy.

The idea of a fixed price strategy is to minimize the uncertainty of final prices or costs that are impacted by conditions such as fluctuating markets, time frames or changes to a planned project.As a retail fuel supplier, signing onto a fixed price contract is like buying insurance for your business.  It gives you peace of mind because you know what your costs will be and that you will be protected when prices increase.