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What Are The Challenges Facing Fleet Owners?

Justin Christensen |

Fleet owners face many challenges with drivers, equipment and more.

As of January 2013, the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics report indicates that the number of fleet cars and trucks in operation across the nation was 11.74 million. The trucking industry alone hauls 9.4 billion tons of freight per year with over 6 million people on the job.

What are Food Grade Lubricants?

Justin Christensen |

Be careful what lubricants you're using around food.

Using the right product or tool is important when doing any job.  It can make the difference of the task being completed properly, safely and on schedule. In fact, this approach is so essential in some industries that regulations and standards have been established to ensure safety and success.

Find Space For A Fleet Card

Justin Christensen |

Save time and money by providing your fleet with fleet cards.

What’s in your wallet? If it’s anything like most others, there is probably more plastic than paper or coin. From identification and access to payment and points, plastic cards inundate our lives. They can create administrative chaos and the last thing you need is another one.Or is it?

Regulations And Spill Prevention

Justin Christensen |

Help keep our planet clean by following proper spill prevention regulations.

Every year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents, on average, 18,000 to 24,000 incidents that have resulted in 10 to 25 million gallons of spilled oil. These astounding statistics do not include the thousands that go unreported, and the toll on humans and the environment is almost immeasurable.

Improper Fuel Storage

Justin Christensen |

Meeting Fuel Storage requirements is essential.

Working with fuel is very unpredictable. Market conditions, price changes, whether to buy in bulk, and safe handling are just some of the things to be aware of. But what happens when it’s sitting quietly by itself in the dark?Due to its nature, fuel that is improperly stored and left sitting for extended periods of time can cause a number of problems:ContaminationFungus is naturally occurring in soil.  Because its seeds are easily spread by air,…