R.E. Powell Launches Buying Group for Wholesale Fuel Sites

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Convenience Store Alliance to administer programOriginal article published in CSP Daily NewsGRANDVIEW, Wash. — Pacific Northwest fuel distributor R.E. Powell has announced a new buying group administered by Convenience Store Alliance (CSA), bringing the buying power of CSA’s 1,130 stores to its network of customers throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Powell-Christensen Acquires Don Thomas Petroleum

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Grandview, WA: Powell Christensen, Inc., one of the largest privately owned companies in the state of Washington has acquired Don Thomas Petroleum in Portland, Oregon. According to Powell Christensen’s President, Tony Christensen “Powell Christensen was looking for the right opportunity to expand our market share and distribution capability for commercial fuels and lubricants in Western Oregon. With the acquisition of Don Thomas Petroleum, we are adding a strong team that has the experience and expertise…

Low Gas Prices in 2015: How Long Will They Last?

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A significant drop in gasoline prices has taken the pinch off many budgets over the last several months, but the sensible optimist in all of us still drives that burning question – how long will it last? Well, that depends on the influencing factors and who you ask. First, let’s take a look at where gas prices stand. Current Market One month into spring, the national average price of mid-grade gasoline sits at $2.38 per…

3 Ways Retailers Can Survive In A Volatile Economy

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It was 1913 when this country’s first drive-up service station opened its doors in Pittsburgh, Pa. Gas cost 27 cents per gallon and road maps were free. Business was simple, but even then business owners had insurance. Today, the concept of convenience remains and retailers still take out insurance, but what about the things that aren’t covered? Things that can put a spin on your business in a heartbeat; such as a drop in fuel…

Are You Following The Rules Set By The FMCSA? You Really Should Be

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Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) charged a Florida trucking company for violating multiple critical safety regulations. The fleet of 33 truck-tractors was “declared an imminent hazard to public safety” and immediately shut down. As fleet owners, running a successful business is not based on operations and finances alone. It is also based on the law. If compliance has taken a back seat in your day-to-day grind, it may be time to look…

Ten Must-Have Tools for Your Truck and Driver

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A fleet owner’s business is all about performance. Having the right people, processes, and equipment in place is key to a successful operation. So are tools. In today’s industry, truck drivers need both traditional tools and electronic devices to stay competitive and efficient. So how can fleet owners better equip their drivers to do their jobs most effectively? Whether it’s a short or long haul run, a driver prepared with his own toolbox helps to…

Grade A Training – How To Get The Most Out of Your Drivers

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Whatever your industry, the ideal employee does not come ready made. Even with years of formal education, most jobs will require some level of introductory training, internship or apprenticeship. All that, of course, needs to be supplemented by ongoing doses of invaluable experience. Truck drivers are no exception. They may arrive with the required licensing, but it’s fleet owners who will be key in helping them maximize their potential on the job. How is that…

E Coli Propane: Scientists Find A Good Side of A Bad Bacteria

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Our experience with E Coli bacteria is not typically a positive one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 48 million or 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from food borne illnesses every year. Since 2010, there have been over one dozen outbreaks of E Coli alone. For a change, e coli is breaking out in a good way. Engine-ready e coli propane has been produced for the first time, by scientists at Universities…

Best Practices to Hire The Best Truck Drivers

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Running a successful business is one thing. Finding competent and committed employees to promote that endeavour is another. The American Trucking Association reported that the average truck driver turnover in 2013 was 96 per cent for larger fleets and 82 per cent for smaller fleets. With reasons beyond an employer’s control—declining talent pool, economic growth increasing industry demand and competition from other sectors—how do you find and recruit the best truck drivers? Consider these industry…

Shifting Gears – Higher Wages for Truckers Just the Start

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When the Department of Transportation (DOT) reduced a trucker’s workweek to 70 hours from 82 in July of 2013, the new regulation was not so well received. A loss of productivity and ensuing wages posed further strain on an industry already burdened by rising growth, labor shortage and low pay rates. However, just 14 months later, it seems that move has lifted the load. According to experts, a recent wage hike for truckers in one…